Why Businesses Will Love Google+

by Mike McGrath on November 7, 2011

I made a couple of business pages today on Google+. The process is simple, maybe a little too simple. The resulting page fell short in a few ways. But I’m not here to badmouth a new, new thing. Businesses will love this because the pages will be indexed by the Google crawlers and show up in Google search results. Add sensitivity to location and context to the search result and this could knock any other local-social SMB marketing solution right out of the box.

Let me temper that statement with a few things that are missing:

1. The Manage Pages stuff doesn’t let me add admins. Did I miss this or isn’t this possible?

2. No vanity URL. I was expecting a land rush for URLs today but it’s not in the cards. At least for now.

3. No canvas or frame that I can embed things in. Come on, folks.

It’s going to be page rank and search results that determine how fast businesses adopt Google+ business pages. If they address the shortcomings and deliver more visible search results for a business, it’s a no brainer.

And don’t forget Hangouts. A nice addition to SMB marketing venues but it will have to prove its value.

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