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April 2011

Working with WordPress

by Mike McGrath on April 7, 2011

I love WordPress. The combination of an evolving platform and third party plugins and themes makes WP more than just a blog platform. It’s becoming a content management system as well. Some businesses are using it to replace some or all of their traditional website’s function. Recently, I had the chance to push the boundaries of WordPress when a client asked me to use it to redesign their blogs and replace some pages on their  website.

My client, is a startup that shows you your friends’ trusted recommendations for local businesses. Their site is complex and manages a vast amount of data. A recent site redesign kept their development team busy for months on end. Rather than burden the engineering team with marketing requests, the marketing team decided to use WordPress to replace pages on That way, the marketing team could update their pages independent of the engineering workflow.

The marketing team decided to use WordPress for their blogs and for Jobs, FAQ and the Media Center pages on their site.  In the course of building the pages, I learned much about Wordpress’ capabilities and limitations. I used a few new tools that made the job easier and evaluated a bunch of plugins that let me do things that WordPress doesn’t do on it’s own.

I’ll share these experiences with you in a series of posts over the next two weeks. The posts I’ll be writing are:

  • Design requirements (how am I going to get WordPress to do that?)
  • WordPress toolkit (where is that scrap of code?)
  • Setting up Thesis (where did you get that widget?)
  • Jumping through hoops (plugins, the agony and ecstacy!)
  • Moving to a new server(what happened to those links?!?)
  • It’s showtime (feeding the beast with content)

By revealing my editorial schedule I’ve committed myself to writing it up. In the meantime… Take a look at LikeList Cafe. It’s the starting point for this tale.