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March 2010

Connect with FB copyFacebook Connect is one of the new features we added to AlikeList today. When you sign in  you now have the option of using your Facebook email and password. Click Connect with Facebook and you can start sharing your favorite businesses with Facebook friends and ask them for recommendations, too. We’re tapping into the power of the world’s biggest social network to help you get trusted recommendations and share your recommendations with friends.

Sharing with your friends on Facebook

SM Pet copySharing  a favorite business  Facebook is easy. Beneath each business listing you’ll see the Share link. One click and you’re asked if you want to publish your Share to your Facebook wall. From there, it depends on your Facebook settings to determine how widely your Share is seen.

SM Pet Supply Share

Within seconds, your Share is posted to Facebook. It’s a cool way to help your friends discover new restaurants, retailers, professionals and other businesses you like.

Asking for recommendations

If you’re looking for a business and don’t know where to turn, it’s only natural to ask your friends. Since your time is valuable, why not leverage the relationships you have on Facebook to find the answers you need. Help is just a few clicks away.


Let’s say you’re looking for a real estate broker in your town. You can click the Ask friends tab at the top of the AlikeList page and you’ll see that you can ask friends by email, by messages on AlikeList or by asking your friends on Facebook. Just like Sharing, your question is posted to your Wall and sent to those that can see your posts in Facebook’s News Feed.

Ask and responses

The power of Asking friends on Facebook is impressive. Within an hour of asking for a recommendation, I had two solid references from people I know and trust.

By connecting with your friends on Facebook, AlikeList lets you tap into the wisdom of your social network are to solve life’s daily problems. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s free.