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October 2009

The new paradigm

by Mike McGrath on October 30, 2009

Blendr Media

We’re inspired by the challenge of optimizing the plethora of communication channels and media a marketer is faced with today. The placid pre-internet world of leisurely news cycles and predictable best practices has given way to a shifting landscape of bankrupt print media and new consumer behaviors.

The media that’s emerged allows two way dialog that can take place on a media sharing site,¬† social network, blog or microblog. It’s not the one way street that allowed previous marketers to influence an anonymous demographic segment. It’s thousands of conversations that demand honesty and transparency from the brand.

We work with our clients to develop communication strategies that make the best use of traditional and new media. Whether it’s a company launch, product launch, or just keeping your fans in the loop, we’ll help you craft your messages for broadcast journalists or a 140 character Tweet.

Our team has worked the gamut from Fortune 100 firms to garage-based startups. Regardless of the client we bring our creativity, a passion for building brands and experience that produces  results. Contact us today to talk about how we can improve your communication channel mix.